Java Service Launcher (for Windows) JSL 0.99q - January 2017

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Current Release

Current release is v0.99q

Release date: January 7th 2017
Author: Michael Röschter
Download from or

Release policy: The product receives ongoing support, feature enhancements and bugfixes are included from time to time. Every 12 months I produce a release though I will most probably never do a 1.0 release. I will support new JDKs and platforms. If you report bugs or show stoppers for your project I will generally try to fix them as soon as possible (usually on the next weekend).

Platforms: 32bit and 64bit JREs and JDKs are supported. JSL should work with Windows 7 and later (last tested version is Windows 10). No recent tests have been performed on Windows XP or older The JVM type parameters (-classic -hotspot -client -server ) which allow for a VM selection on command line is supported.

JVM: Supported JAVA versions are JDK/JRE 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6,1.7,1.8, 1.9 and compatible JDKs.
All varieties of the virtual maschine should work (classic, JIT, hotspot, server). I will support future versions of the JDK as soon as they are released. If you would like other JVMs supported please send me a note with a link where I can get the JDK.

Vendor: Has been tested with OpenJDK based JDKs like Azul Zulu, and Oracle's JDK. JSL has also been used with IBMs J9.

jsl.exe 32bit;VC2013;dynamically linked (depends on msvcrt90.dll)
jsl_debug.exe 32bit;VC2013;dynamically linked (depends on msvcrt90.dll); debug version
jsl_static.exe 32bit;VC2013;statically linked
jsl64.exe 64bit;VC2013;dynamically linked
jsl64_debug.exe 64bit;VC2013;dynamically linked (depends on msvcrt90.dll); debug version
jsl_static64.exe 64bit;VC2013;statically linked